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Danny E.

From what comes out through your hands, from your heart, to the endless images of you through the years; it seems to me that you have always been there. Looking at the world with same sets of eyes. Always processing information in the same way. It seems to me, without having the arrogance of even pretend to know you, that somewhat you have always managed to see the light, even in the dark moments... what I believe is that now life has given you the experience and the proof to articulate those perceptions and channel them out more clearly than ever.
Just looking at you, I see how the beauty of it all bounces off you and illuminates all that you touch.
What a wonderful gift you have.

Phil L.

I'm sure I am not the only person who finds your work on a completely different level emotionally. Whilst beauty abounds, every artwork you have shared holds a soul, as though it is communicating with us. I for one find an inner peace that no other artist has emotionally affected me. Thankyou for continually sharing Ginger xx.

Tonya M.

The world needs more wonderful people like you Ginger! Bless you for your beautiful heart!

Tonelli L. 

Thank you for your words, you are a wonderful person, sweet, sensitive, simple and true. God bless you dear.

David R.  How did you find beauty Ginger? You have always contemplated it.

Ginger Gilmour to David R.

 I owe a lot to Cecil Collins, my art teacher. He encouraged us to create from God's messages of what was to be born to uplift others. To listen and to create....and from that there is only Beauty and Love.....I asked 'Why do we not do this?' He said, 'We go into the House of Shadows so that a Paradise re-won is of greater value.' I value the Divine Paradise which lives with me always in my Heart through creating thought, word and deed....Bless Ginger Gilmour

anon As an avid fan of PF I really look forward to reading this. The book looks very riveting and the presentation and artistry makes it even more appealing. Thanks for this, I am reading some PF books for the third time, so this is going to be a real treat.

anon  What a wonderful glimpse, love the way you let the reader into your memories, it feels close, genuinely intimate yet fresh. I hope it is available here in Canada. If not, I'll get it in line... As a serious follower of all Floyd things, I find this book, alongside Nick's, fundamental to understand the human beings behind the legend. Found another door, beside his music, into the soul of the man that has inspired me so much.

Janice Marie Gabriel I ordered the book on Tuesday, and it was here by Friday. I couldn't put it down, (and actually gave up my I pad for one night!) Well, all I can say is: I started out a Pink Floyd/David fan, but now I am an even bigger Ginger fan. Love to you and your family from NY.

Janice Marie Gabriel  your comment is so special and warms my heart. But as I often mentioned in the book that we all have moments when we are united in a creative venture....the Floyd were that for a while and as David & I were creating beautiful children & helping others both thru our art and our lives. God had other plans for our future. I am still in a process of awakening to what that is as I have committed to be of service for Humanity and Beauty and Love Truly . Ginger
Janice Marie Gabriel
Ginger, I will be looking forward to seeing more of your artwork. My wish for you is that many more will support your efforts to bring more positivity, empathy, inspiration, and uplifting images to this world.

·  Julie Gunn I am now on Chapter 6...loving it. And I smiled when you said: "it was like a patchwork of color and extremely green despite the winter." The name of my album 'The Patchwork Green' was named for the same reason. When I flew back to England in 1980, I looked out of the aeroplane window and thought: "England looks like a patchwork of green". And I can relate to the cultural differences you experienced. smile emoticon

Ginger Gilmour Julie Gunn, It is so lovely to hear your experiences with the book. Have you got your Dorothy shoes on yet? THANK YOU! Ginger Gilmour

MEGAN NAOMI MELONAS Your book moved me so much. Thank you for sharing your story and the beautiful card that you kindly signed. This book is really helping my thoughts in my plight for feminism.

Ginger Gilmour's