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                                                                  Memoirs of the Bright Side of the Moon

Do you believe in love at first sight? A love so strong it sweeps you off your feet and catapults your life into romance beyond your wildest dreams. Memoirs of the Bright Side of the Moon is such a story. From the moment you hold the book, you will sense something special within its pages as its compassion will defy what you would expect. Welcome to the true story of Ginger Gilmour, the former wife of the legendary guitar player David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

    The journey begins with her meeting David backstage while the band was playing at the University of Michigan. Swept off her feet she took him up on his offer to come with him for neither could leave each other’s side. Four years later, they married and began a family in England taking them on the road. It was like a fairy tale. A spontaneous explosion of love, music, heart, and song.

   In this book, there are 90 individual chapters about her life, the way she lived it, and how being part of the Pink Floyd experience affected her. A series of individual stories painting the nature of Gingers heart, and undeniably provoking emotions from the soul. Each chapter enhanced with crystal-clear photographs giving you a sense of being there with her through their 18 years together.

   A life that witnessed the creation of one of the greatest collections of music ever recorded in the history of rock and roll. From ‘Echoes’ to ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ with “Money” launching the band into mega success internationally. ‘Wish You Were Here’ finished on their wedding day with a visit from Sid Barrett at Abbey Road Studios. ‘Animals’  with Pigs flying going on to the recording of The Wall, the film, the court case, and finally the breakup of the band. This compounded upon their marriage leaving problems unresolved in its wake. Ginger fought hard to keep things together unsuccessfully for the sake of the family and the children. Sadly, they chose to go their separate ways.

    The story does not end there. Heartbroken and determined she found healing in her own creativity. She poured herself into her art as
refuge. As time went on, she discovered her calling as she watched a somber reverence to her creations. Her vision of Angels and bringing Heaven to Earth had manifested as it reflected her desire to uplift the viewer. Her art inspires Hope to those who seek Hope and soothes those who seek the highest. Ginger went on to contribute her talents to endless charitable events receiving the British Red Cross 'Services to Humanity' award. Her work has been featured in galleries internationally and drawn the attention and support from the Royal family in the UK.

    ‘Memoirs of the Bright Side of the Moon is more than a tale of rock royalty, motherhood, and creative expression. It is a tale of standing on top of the mountain, falling from its magnificent heights, and finding yourself again. It leaves you with a yearning for the artist to pick up her brush and paint us another verse about her personal experiences, her art, her life, and the Beauty that radiates from her story. A must for the Pink Floyd fan and the curious, encouraging us all to

                                                                    on the Bright Side of the Moon.

Memoirs of the Bright Side of the Moon Reviews

A Gem from the Heart (5 stars)
Tanya P. on Jan 20, 2016

Thank you Ginger Gilmour for the gift of writing this precious book, which is a gem from your heart! I purchased the book as a long time Pink Floyd fan, anxious to get an insider's view of the band. The book offers that and so much more. We meet you through the pages of the book. You, someone who tells us of your thoughts, dreams and experiences. You describe how in listening for the Divine Voice of God throughout your experiences, you were able to find your purpose in life. I'm certain that your words will help others to find their purpose in life as well. Your book is also visually beautiful, with all the photos and your wonderful artwork! May the Spirit of Peace be with you!

A jewel of a life  (5 stars)
Megan M. on Jan 19, 2016

I was immediately hooked from the first sentence. I finished the book in one sitting, which was six hours. I knew I would not be able to put it down, being the die hard fan of The Floyd that I am. I am so grateful for this book. There had been so little written about this brand of rock royalty in general, that I gad been hoping for so long for an insider to finally break their silence. It was fantastic to finally feel like these people were human, unlike the other books written before this. The stories in this book are priceless. It truly is a jewel. I have read it three times now. Thank you for your gorgeous work and spirit, Ginger! Shine on!

Memoirs of some bright days

(5 stars)

Diana on Jan 19, 2016
Delicious book full of life and love.I've lived in UK some months in those years and am able to breathe the atmosphere of every moment.
So Ginger is a very sweetheart woman.I would write something to her directly, but for my job causes I can't use facebook I wonder if possible to get an email.
Happy Birthday my dear I feel you as a friend, really
diana from Rome

An inspirational read

(5 stars)

Erika Y on Jan 19, 2016
Written with grace, humility and forgiveness, Ginger's book is an inspirational read that encourages us all to discover ourselves and become the people we were born to be. Ginger shares wonderful insights and personal stories with great courage and dignity - a beautiful work!

Memoirs of the Bright Side of the Moon

(5 stars)

Doug S on Jan 18, 2016
The book is very interesting from a person who was around the various people associated with Pink Floyd !!! I would recommend this book to any fan of Floyd or 60's and 70's music !!!